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        "Jim Bergerac stays stuck in one's mind."

(Statement made by (German Music broadcast station) according the broadcasting of "Inspector Barnaby" (ZDF (German broadcast station), Sunday, June 26, July 3, and July 10 at 10 p.m.) with John Nettles as starring.

Jersey information

This page provides you with all information you might need when going on a trip (either real or only virtual) to the Bergerac island of Jersey. Here you can find Bergerac's hotel too.

Kabel 1 (German broadcast station) - series encyclopedia à entry of "Jim Bergerac" (german)

"Jim Bergerac investigates" ("Bergerac"). An English detective series (1981); 77 episodes each 45 min

Bergerac actors

Here you can see in which other productions Bergerac actors had been involved. Mostly they are English TV-series, which haven't been aired in Germany yet. But take a look at the Bergerac poster (English) - it is very interesting.

Bergerac Gallery (englisch)

Bergerac Gallery - great pictures.

Pics about UK DVD release of Bergerac Series One (englisch)

Pics about UK DVD release of Bergerac Series One. - Have a look.